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  • India Social Media Survey, Edition 2 is now LIVE.

  • India Social Media Survey, Edition 2 is now LIVE.

    India Social Media Survey, Edition 2 is now LIVE.

    UPDATE: 13 November, 2010 @ 8.53 am

    After reviewing feedback from some survey participants we realised that though there were no ‘technical’ glitches, many participants weren’t being able to move forward, on account of  some questions being compulsory and failure to answer questions in a ‘certain’ correct way, the form wouldn’t move forward.

    We have removed the ‘compulsory ‘ tags from most questions, hoping though that people will still answer them.

    We have also uploaded Word document files for users to download, fill and mail back, in case they prefer that option.

    You can take the survey here.


    I welcome all of you to India Social Media Survey, Edition 2. :)

    Like all good Asterix comics, the journey has been eventful, but without further ado the survey is now LIVE and waiting for you.

    Much has changed since we released our last report in March 2009. From an emerging tool, social media has gone on to become a mainstream phenomenon, deeply impacting reputation management, marketing, communication and enterprise collaboration.

    Edition 2 of the survey attempts to understand the nature, and level, of social media usage by businesses and brands in India; channels and impact; objectives and measurement.

    I would like to thank all our sponsors and partners. Our Presenting ; Associate Sponsors: Rocketalk and our good friends at exchange4media; B2B Segment Sponsors: LinkedIn; Our media partners: IndiaSocial (member of our family), Paulwriter and Medianama.

    NM Incite is collaborating with us on the initiative this time and their team would join hands with team Blogworks to help draw the best insights from the responses.

    Please share the survey with your peers, clients, colleagues and friends to get best insights for all of us.

    Do take your time to fill your responses, as aggregated insights will enable all of us to make educated decisions regarding trends and spends on the medium.

    All valid participants will get a FREE digital copy of the report summary.

    For any suggestions or clarifications, please feel free to reach us on

    Take the survey.AT

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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