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  • “India Social Media Survey, Brands and Corporates” Edition 1 – Some findings from the Report.

  • “India Social Media Survey, Brands and Corporates” Edition 1 – Some findings from the Report.

    “India Social Media Survey, Brands and Corporates” Edition 1 – Some findings from the Report.

    The Survey we unveiled released yesterday at India Social Media Summit 09 brings out valuable insights and trends. Results and Analysis will help understand how our peers, from across India, view social media impact on marketing communication. This allows the industry to benefit from shared insights, and makes for educated decisions.
    Sharing some of the charts with you here.
    The full study is available for Rs.1500/- and is being sold by Exchange4Media team, who we partnered for the initiative. If you want a copy, write in at Survey (at) Blogworks (dot) in:

    The Indian Social Media Scene is in a state of positive ferment. With 90 percent of the respondents believing that Social Media has impact on Brands, the study results are a clear indicator of the markets waking up to a new age consumer. And not just her, Brands and Corporates are now addressing, through Social Media, a whole array of stakeholders.
    As these conversations diversify, Indian Marketers are beginning to feel the need to step into this new-media Jungle and get their boots dirty! 55 percent of respondents have seen brands getting influenced by Social Media, while 33 percent have seen impact on their own brands. There is a call to engage, influence and track – especially the more intense pockets of conversations.
    While Brand awareness and positive buzz tops the chart of Social Media deliverables, a size-able majority of them also recognize Social Media’s influence on purchase decisions. Select handfuls have well rounded campaigns paying rigorous attention to insights and engagement as well.

    The engagement and measurement matrices are in place, as we’ll note in the detailed
    survey findings, albeit still at a developing stage. There still remains a gap to be bridged – to supplement the use of the tool with a deep know-how of the macro-environment and an adequate fore-sight of its impact.
    81-85 percent of respondents believe that Indian marketer and corporates have just cursory or no understanding of Social Media, the need for education and learning continues to remain big. Agencies appear better off on Social Media understanding, with 47 percent respondents believing that agencies have only a cursory or no understanding of Social Media.
    The motto of the times therefore, as can be culled from the survey findings, is an enhanced focus on strategic approaches to Social Media engagements, possibly even leading to bifurcation of the services into strategy-specialists and operations-agencies.
    Do pick up a copy of the findings.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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