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  • Indian retail shopper is the most influenced by Digital

  • Indian retail shopper is the most influenced by Digital

    Indian retail shopper is the most influenced by Digital

    Thanks to the recent ‘Digital shopper relevancy’ report 2014 released by Capgemini, our confidence on digital in context of India is an all-time high.

    As per the report, the mature markets seem to be becoming conservative about their privacy and online shopping habits. On the other hand, the high-growth markets, especially India is placing high importance to social media at not only on awareness, but at all stages of product purchase journey.

    The report gives many direction setting inputs that will help you in your digital journey forward.

    Here are some key India Takeaways from the Capgemini Digital Shoppers Report 2015 that you should know:

    • Indian shoppers place high importance on social media: India places much higher importance on social media for product information, doing price-comparisons and purchasing products (3.93 on a scale of 1 to 5)
    • Online shopping is soon to take over in-store shopping: 51% agree that they will spend more money online than in the store, 48% agree they will use stores increasingly as showrooms rather than purchase destinations
    • Fashion showing the way, electronics 2nd: 61% have bought a ‘Fashion’ product online in the last 6 months, up 9% from 52% in 2012. 56% have bought Electronics products in the same duration, up 4% from 54% in 2012.
    • India has hightest percentage  of digitally-savvy shoppers: 84% of the Indian shoppers are regular online shoppers, highest amongst the digital shopper profiles, in  high-growth markets.
    • India is the most interested country to receive personalised offers: 46% of Indian shoppers rated receiving personalized offers and recommendations as ‘extremely important’ at awareness stage
    • Shoppers don’t prefer middle men: 53% anticipate an increase in ordering direct from a manufacturer via an app/ website
    • Pay less online: Across all markets, 70% of respondents agree or strongly agree that they expect online prices to be lower than those in physical store and catalogs:
    • Indians rate internet site to have a higher importance: Indian respondents rated Internet site to have a higher importance in the purchase and payment of a product, followed by traditional store experience or in-store technology.


    If you’d like to know how we can leverage these insights into your brand’s digital journey forward to deliver business impact, write to us at  or visit

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