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  • IndiaSocial Case Challenge Winners

    IndiaSocial Case Challenge Winners

    I am quite pleased with how IndiaSocial is beginning to shape up.
    Over the last couple of months, we’ve managed to get a good structure and some content going on the IndiaSocial Wiki and are hoping to work with students and scholars to make this the most credible resource about India’s social media journey -the work has barely begun…
    I am particularly excited about how the IndiaSocial Case Challenge, edition 1 shaped up. Before we launched, we knew that case-studies were tough to get. We heard about great work happening overseas but only cursory knowledge of social media work in india was available – we knew we had to get case-studies going. The case-challenge format was born…
    37 entries, for the first attempt wasn’t bad at all.
    Yesterday, my colleagues announced the winners – the results threw up some surprise winners. Do check out the case-studies. We plan to share more in days to come.

    Long-term Initiatives:

    1. Pratham Books
    2. Fastrack*
    3. Cleartrip

    * Having been responsible for Fastrack’s social media strategy creation, I abstained from judging their case study; scores of other judges were averaged to arrive at final scores.
    Short-term Projects

    1. Hindustan Motors – Mitsubishi Cidea – Great Driving Challenge
    2. Dr. Mani Children Heart Foundation
    3. WWF – Earth Hour India

    It would be great to have your participation at IndiaSocial – that’s the only way that eco-system will evolve and mature.
    Keep writing.

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