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  • Ingredients of a #twitter #trending topic – draft 1.0

  • Ingredients of a #twitter #trending topic – draft 1.0

    Ingredients of a #twitter #trending topic – draft 1.0

    I have been trying to diagnose what are the constituents/ ingredients of a trending topic on Twitter and came up with this dashboard. In the initial version, Timing came before Topic, but didn’t seem to fit logically. I moved it towards the end of the time-line.

    Keep in mind a few things

    1. All these units need to come together quite quickly, for the topic to go trending
    2. If you were attempting to ‘go trending’-  there is no ‘formula’ as many, many factors come into play
    3. Even if you do manage to ‘start’, you cannot ‘stop’ what’s already started
    4. Don’t try this at home :)

    Do share what you think of the dashboard, so I could incorporate views that resonate.














    Update: I plan to explain the various units in a detailed post, but not tonight. Cheers.

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