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  • Instagram it! A new noun in the world of branding

  • Instagram it! A new noun in the world of branding

    Instagram it! A new noun in the world of branding

    “I went for a vacation to Bali.”

    “Wow, i’ll go check your insta”


    “Bought this new dress from insta. You should check them, they have quite a collection.”

    “Really? Have you tagged them in your picture”


    Quick and Easy-Isn’t this how we would sum up our regular conversations on social media or Instagram to be specific? It’s well to say that the audience has transformed into a highly engaged society which responds only to a stimulus- simply put, something which piques interest. Instagram, the photo-sharing app has changed its outlook enabling brands to reach out to customers directly. How opening of advertising will change the future of this app is yet to be seen but for now we can say that the selfie generation has a new way of talking, thanks to instagram.

    Allowing different angles of storytelling in the world’s largest mobile ad platforms, Instagram currently has a strength of 400M users riding the high wave. A new asset to explore, Instagram is emerging as a highly engaging and empowering tool. It is infact, the digital aficionados’ fastest growing addiction. From duck face selfies to popular dubsmashes that hit the right spot, Insta is the new launch pad for any brand. Remember the much shared picture of model celebrity Kendall Jenner who posed with her hair arranged in hearts or the famous wall of New York which had spray painted hearts which saw a beeline of people posing in front of it to grab a piece of the limelight. What are these tools really? It ushers a new era of personal connect and brand relations within the industry. With the likes of Burberry launching their new collections first on instagram before putting them on catwalk, it looks like Instagram will soon decide the fate of many product related brands that work on visual appeal.

    The marketers are learning to understand now that visual representation of a brand story that creates a statement, stays with the consumers for a longer period than other mediums of information dissemination. Instagram which was initially developed as a place for photo sharing enthusiasts to come together and build a consortium of globally appealing photos has grown beyond its prescribed brief and become a new entity. It’s the time of instant share-worthy messages that can go viral with real-time relevance.

    Instagram’s journey started with some initial hiccups because of the limitations of its standard square peg format. However, it’s recent announcement makes it easy for brands to now publish creatively tuned stories in landscape, portrait, video formats et al. The recent additions in the app will see marketers thinking of the Instagram format while shooting for their products or launching a new line of business. Models parading in a newly launched collection or a baby blogger endorsing a product marks a new don of social media marketing.  How can one forget what Fifth harmony’s Camila did in her most widely watched Insta Dubsmash video where she did an impression of Donkey from the movie Shrek. Time to post a #picoftheday? Dont wait, just Insta it!

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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