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  • Interesting Day!

    Interesting Day!

    I have been itching to write for the last few days but have just been overwhelmed with things, professional and personal. Whenever I finally sat down to write something or the other has come up to pull me away. I intend to write a post tonight and put it up by the morning. In the interim a few thoughts I wanted to share straightaway:

    1. There are no coincidences like I have always believed and life came a full circle today as I met Devdutt Pattanaik over breakfast – we then chatted in the car up to NOIDA, from where both of us parted ways for our respective meetings.
      Turns out we were born the same year; share half a dozen common friends; both love simplicity concepts and more. I was reminded of the day when my friend Arshiya Sethi first gifted me one of his books, that was 5-6 years ago. I have read several of his books and his writings since…a new chapter of friendship started today.
    2. How much service is too much service? Too much attention to the customer can sometimes be bad for your business, I think.
      My car dealership has called me seven times, in as many days, to ask if my car is doing fine, reminding me that the service is overdue. I want to tear my hair out… within actually these same days the car has actually been in and out of their own workshop for ANOTHER replacement that my new car needs – 4th in 10 months. Nice!
      I had to call the restaurant manager right at the beginning of our meal this evening, asking him to instruct his staff to leave us alone and let us eat our dinner in peace instead of hovering around and rushing us through the meal. There were 5 of his staff looking at us, even as we had this conversation. Thankfully we were left with our conversation and food after this.
      Too much service is not necessarily good!
    3. I finally cracked it.
      I have forever wondered why the staff at a traditional Indian restaurant (we were having a Gujarati Thali this evening) would not get a simple rule of serving a lady first. Tonight too I had to check literally each of staff that came to serve us.
      The answer I realized, perhaps, lay in the patriarchal rules of the traditional family, which would follow the silent rule that the man be served first. Even if the restaurant wanted to serve the lady/ ladies first, the man/ men would perhaps take offense? What say?
    4. Am I still writing my piece…? I think I should! :)

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