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  • Internet Trends 2008 – Contributory Piece for ‘Mint’

  • Internet Trends 2008 – Contributory Piece for ‘Mint’

    Internet Trends 2008 – Contributory Piece for ‘Mint’


    Today’s Mint has a special year-end edition of their marketing & advertising/ management & strategy supplement featuring opinion from a few people on summary of this year and what to expect in 2008.
    I was invited to share my thoughts on Internet Trends in 2008. I am putting a part of the text today (will perhaps put the full text tomorrow), but you can read the complete piece and more here.
    Here we go:
    Each year, a few trends gain momentum and reach tipping point. The mobile phone is one such change of recent times. Will 2008 be the year of the Internet? It promises to be an interesting year as a lot of the hype around blogs, consumer-generated media, Web 2.0 settles down; as the lines between the mobile and the Internet blur; as technology seems less overwhelming to the masses. The great thing that 2007 did was take away the fear of technology from many. Thanks to networking websites such as Orkut, people who would never venture beyond their email boxes are “poking” each other on Facebook.
    So, what to expect in 2008? Here’s my list:

    1. Internet marries the mobile: Affordable handsets allowing EDGE and WLAN connectivity, combined with huge penetration of mobiles, would likely ensure that more and more people are consuming the Internet on the go.
    2. Always-on Internet: High-speed connectivity through mobile, exponential increase in Wi-Fi hot spots and talk about rapid deployment of WiMax, all promise always-on Internet connectivity.
    3. Life shifts online: We are romancing the government with online filing of tax returns; applying for passports online; meeting friends online and enjoying peer-to-peer gaming. What’s more, the Internet is fast becoming the new operating system—you don’t need software, just a device to access the Internet.
    4. People power: People will continue to create, share, influence content like never before. Websites such as StumbleUpon, Digg,, and people-powered search engines such as Mahalo are adding power to how people find and consume content.
    5. Going local: Local is the new global, they say. From weather to restaurant ratings, local is the flavour and many are making attempts, sometimes precipitously, to gain a piece of the pie. Likely winner? You!
    6. Blogging matures: Blogging will see maturity; less in number but focused, purposeful. They will become a serious publishing platform with mainstream media adopting them.
    7. Social networking rules: General networking websites will continue to penetrate deeper. On the other hand, focused networking websites will gain ground in a big way.
    8. E-commerce impact : Always-on connectivity, targeted marketing, expected proliferation of payment methods would mean e-commerce is likely to see exponential growth.

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