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  • It’s ok for milk to be unsafe, but colas should be safe! Waah!

  • It’s ok for milk to be unsafe, but colas should be safe! Waah!

    It’s ok for milk to be unsafe, but colas should be safe! Waah!

    Without taking away from whatever CSE is perhaps attempting to do, I think the whole approach is biased. I cannot but laugh when the CSE says, “The fact also is that standards for pesticide residues are set based on nutrition that the food provides. We cannot compare apples with soft drinks. We cannot compare milk with soft drinks. Milk is essential and it gives us nutrition. But soft drinks are non-essential, non-nutritive. They should not have pesticides. They are unsafe, asserts CSE. No amount of scientific skullduggery can deny that. ”

    So, it’s ok if milk is not ok? I do not agree. My belief is that Indian milk is amongst the most dangerous product going around today, nutrients or no nutrients. I am no authority on the subject but whatever I hear is scary and no one else wants to touch our milk but we consume it, and give it to our children, without much thought. Some hard measures are needed. Will they happen? Not until the consumers become more aware of their rights, and the havoc that products out there can play with our present and future health.

    I WILL keep coming back to milk from here on!

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