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  • Join us for the bigger and better IndiaSocial Summit 2012

  • Join us for the bigger and better IndiaSocial Summit 2012

    Join us for the bigger and better IndiaSocial Summit 2012

    I have been waiting to write this blog post.

    We are just 3 days away from the IndiaSocial Summit and I am hoping that most of you are already aware about it :) We are all very excited!

    The 2nd edition of IndiaSocial Summit – India’s largest social media conference will take place at Leela Kempinski, Gurgaon over 3 days: 2 April – 4 April, 2012.

    Thanks to all the support from you, our Sponsors and our esteemed Speakers, the conference is shaping up really well. This year too, the conference aims to provide a platform for business, knowledge sharing and community engagement and to bring together marketers, media owners, agencies and social media practitioners.

    We have chosen two parallel themes for the content:

    • Social is business

    The conference will try to help you in the ‘social business’ journey of scaling up presence and integrating social into your programmes and processes

    • Brands for the future

    Let’s take a look at the future (and embrace it) – the future of everything business – the future of brands, of marketing, of content, of media, of insights, of reputation and more…

    We are set to deliver a great experience and hope that you will enjoy the experience we have created for you.

    For the detailed schedule log on to . For any media enquiries, you can reach out to

    See you at the Summit!

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