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  • Joining the conversations – is easy!

  • Joining the conversations – is easy!

    Joining the conversations – is easy!

    Knowing what is the customer/ user saying about you is very powerful input for a marketer to improve user experience, and that tracking blogs allows us to do that quite easily is something that I have believed for long.

    This episode shows how easy it is, and why more companies should be doing so:

    I wrote this post on my blog sometime ago, to which someone added a comment, saying…

    “Why don’t you consider writing about some of the new “India 2.0” sites that are creating a little buzz as well?Eg: and

    (Update: Nikhil informs me that our friend who posted the above comment has been spamming everyone with this message :) ).
    I did that and wrote …

    “…Onyomo is a nice concept too and the sms option is great but success depends on how comprehensive is the service – for eg. I searched for Seeds and plants – got none. Searched for riding school and got an eatery. But, that will get sorted out over a period of time I think.”

    A couple of days ago, someone who works with Onyomo, googled his company name and found my comment.

    Addressing the points raised by me, he left a note

    “Hi Rajesh,

    We at Onyomo have been working hard to build a useful and innovative service. Even though the things you searched for are not yet covered by our search engine, sooner or later our search will cover these categories. We’re always on the lookout for suggestions regarding the data that people may want to search…

    … However, as you noted correctly, these problems will get sorted out sooner or later.We’ve also launched an SMS Search service in Delhi/NCR and Bangalore where you can search from you mobile phones on the move.

    I sincerely hope that you’ll like our service…”

    I was mighty impressed with the proactiveness shown by the team and visited the site again, posted another comment on my blog, in which I also asked the gentleman, were he to visit my blog again (wanted to see if he did), to drop me a line for a few suggestions that I had.

    This morning, he had obviously googled ‘Onyomo’ again, visited this blog soon afterwards to read my newest comment and promptly dropped me a line.

    I have just replied back to him. I do not know how useful my suggestion would be but I am richer for the experience.

    Originally posted on my blogVerbum.

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