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    Just Now

    I just got back from gurgaon where I was dining along with family and two interesting thoughts I wanted to share:

    1. We decided to eat at Nirula’s today – the meal was wholesome and nice. Just as I was finishing, I told my girlfriend that I will open a restaurant someday where we’ll serve food for free. We’ll call it ‘free diner’ or something. So why will we serve food for free? And how will we make money?
      Well, I believe, in a consumerist society a substantial chunk of revenues, going forward, would come from promotions, advertising, etc. But the thought that struck me today was that we will allow a select guest profile to consume a portion of any one item for free. In return, the guest would help us fill a detailed survey report for a client’s brand.
      My girlfriend gave a disapproving look and said, “Would we get the relevant customer profile?” Valid question, I thought and discounted it by saying that as an example, the mall environment where the restaurant might be located will act as a natural filter to audience profile. But would this audience WANT free food??
      Hasn’t it been tried before?
      In fact, it makes me wonder what stops the telecom service providers to immediately start a separate revenue stream for themselves, with a built in pay back for the customer, with regular (but not overwhelming), short, one question survey service to an opt-in customer base. For a certain number of surveys that I am required to reply to per month, I get a certain value of my mobile bill added as talk time.
    2. On the way back home, we passed ‘American Express Campus’. About a dozen workers equipped with pulleys and ropes were installing a large American Express logo cut-out. The office, I could see from the transparent glass facade, was busy working the night shift. Wasted opportunity, I thought.
      Why not get everyone out, make some noise, celebrate, get the team to put up the logo together. Pictures and stories would keep everybody busy for the next few days, and it would become a memory to cherish.
      What do you think?

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