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  • Khan versus Khan – Aamir/ Shah Rukh

  • Khan versus Khan – Aamir/ Shah Rukh

    Khan versus Khan – Aamir/ Shah Rukh

    I rarely watch television; even my exposure to advertising, which I love watching, is mostly at cinema halls or on You Tube. Today however was one of those rare afternoons and I just got up after watching a fun interview with Shubha Ji on NDTV Profit, which was immediately followed by Cell Guru on the same channel- I didn’t know they had a programme like that.
    They were talking about Samsung appointing Aamir Khan as their brand ambassador for mobiles and a few things caught my attention :). Here they are:

    1. Such a funny thing, perceptions are. I have always, only, associated Samsung with consumer electronics like television, DVDs etc. even though they have been in the mobile business for many years now. What I saw from their new mobile collection is seriously cool stuff. The needle moved for me and decided that I need to check out their new stuff.
    2. While I did listen to him, much more intently than I would ever listen to the MD or the official spokesperson, Aamir is not the most comfortable spokesperson. It obviously comes from his natural aversion to the media – he kept looking down, almost like he was reading from a sheet of paper. It seemed that he wasn’t really familiar with the product.
    3. In sharp contrast is Shah Rukh, who I have engaged with professionally for a similar, large, brand endorsement media engagement. Shah Rukh is perhaps the best spokesperson I have met – better than any CEO. He has played with the product before-hand, has the message all figured, it shows in his confidence… and the media loves him.
    4. However, he did miss a beat (SRK) reacting to Aamir’s comment on him being No. 1 (Aamir). I think SRK was trying to be modest, in his attempt to acknowledge that he would be quite delighted being No.2, after Aamir. However, modest is not his natural style and he fumbled a bit, I thought. In his mind, he is the clear No.1 and I guess THAT’S what works for him :)
    5. Dear Mr. Makhni – what made you ask (something to this effect) “Do we need something that complicated?” – he was taking about feature rich phones – music, camera, internet etc. He should know better: feature rich isn’t necessarily = complicated.
      Aamir’s reply was equally weak (something to this effect) “Some people like to have music/ camera”. It’s about the mobile being the ubiquitous device guys! No?

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