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  • Learnings from Google’s Full Value of Search Workshop: Part 2

  • Learnings from Google’s Full Value of Search Workshop: Part 2

    Learnings from Google’s Full Value of Search Workshop: Part 2

    The second session of the Google workshop on ‘Full Value of Search’ was on the importance of Google Adwords and Google Analytics. I was excited to begin this part, as I had learned so much from the first half that I was charged up and in the zone. Other participants were also in the same mood and we were eagerly waiting for the start. I was especially looking forward to learning about keywords.

    Google Adwords and Analytics/Insights – Why are they important?

    1. Conversion tracking aspect of Adwords – set up tracking for sales, sign-ups, leads
    2. Measure conversion value and optimise bids towards ROI accordingly
    3. Allows you to use advanced Adwords

    Use Google Analytics for actionable insights

    1. Tagging of the website
    2. Link Adwords and Analytics accounts
    3. Define and implement goals
    4. Implement commerce

    Google launched the Google Tag Manager – used for ‘N’ no.of tags. Different tags are needed on different pages. Google Tag Manager can be managed together including Google and Non-Google tags – it’s a free tool.

    You can add a Google analytics tab on each tag (I thought this was ‘wow’)

    What is the journey of a consumer?

    Intent –> search –> lands in the site –> takes action

    Some very important and pertinent questions

    1. Is my landing page simple enough for people to understand?
    2. Where is my ad appearing? – Does the ad match my content?
    3. Are there searches happening for my product that I’m unaware of?
    4. Where is my ad positioned on the page? Positioning is very important. It is also important to check what conversion rates you’re getting on these positions. Sometimes, for some products you might find less traffic but more conversions happening at a particular time!

    Identify geographic opportunities – build custom campaigns for regions and maximise returns. Include high performance organic keywords.

    Essential attributions of landing page: (Google recommends) 

    1. Confirmation – Is the content relevant to the ad (Does the landing page have what the ad says?)
    2. Speed
    3. First impression
    4. Branding and site purpose
    5. Design – The colour combination is important (text and background)
    6. Visuals
    7. Text
    8. Call to action
    9. Value proposition – What are your differentiators?
    10. Persuasion

    Case study: Swissotel leveraged advanced segments. Their goal was to drive sales for a Singapore property by getting people to click on Adwords ads. They studied and found out that while Australian users were looking at deals, US users were looking at rooms!

    Hence, the learnings:

    1. Tailor your ads basis research
    2. Test your landing page

    To-Do: Google Analytics has a Google content tool – go back and explore it.

    Understand multi-visit behaviour – are you answering these questions?

    1. What is driving new visitors and first touches?
    2. How quickly do people make purchase decisions?
    3. Amari Hotels harnessed the power of multi-channel funnels – They thought people make multiple visits before booking. Their existing lading page didn’t have offers. They took insights from analytics and started to roll out more info on the landing page


    The value of this session comes only when the first two have been done. Setting the fundamentals right is most important. This section wasn’t as clear to me as the first two were – so here lays my opportunity to do my own studying and learn more!  My key takeaway from this session was: Understand your customers’ journeys – who are the Introducers, the Supporters, and the Closers.

    All in all, this was an extremely informative workshop, and one that I was really glad to attend. These are only rough notes, but hope you found them valuable! Which parts did you like best? Share with me.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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