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  • LinkedIn, the viral question

  • LinkedIn, the viral question

    LinkedIn, the viral question

    I have been answering some LinkedIn questions for fun, leaving short intuitive answers. This one asked “Is viral marketing a good way to promote a new product?”
    Other than what had already been written, I felt:
    Do you have something interesting (entertaining) to share that I should pass on to my friends (and so on) or my friends should pick up themselves (like the way they do, on say a Facebook)? That is the question you should ask. Most marketers are obsessed at pushing ‘brands’ but the consumer is not obliged or excited at that thought – yes, not even if you pay them – they are happy to push/ even pull something that adds value to their life, even if for a very short duration of time. A few things to look out for:

    1. Who are the category evangelists?
    2. Among them who are the influencers?
    3. Can I seed my concept with them?
    4. How will it add value to them?
    5. Now that might create buzz!
    6. Virals grow rapidly, remember, so be prepared for the traffic! ;) – it’s a website –

    What do you think about the viral phenomenon?

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