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  • Linking to Toby’s ‘Consumer Generated Media…’ Post

  • Linking to Toby’s ‘Consumer Generated Media…’ Post

    Linking to Toby’s ‘Consumer Generated Media…’ Post

    Even as many marketers get their first taste of social media by uploading a video on YouTube or sharing product shots on Flickr, the conversation has reached another level…
    Last year Coke’s ‘The Real Thing’ tagline took another meaning, post the Coke+Mentos Videos on YouTube. and in this piece my friend Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing Blog talks about experiences that Tom Daly, Coca Cola Global Interactive Marketing, shared at the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, AiMA, meeting last week.

    The post captures 2 video strategies described by Tom:

    1. Poetry in Motion Challenge – objects around us can move in extraordinary & beautiful ways…
    2. Holiday Wishcast with YouTube – holidays are about sharing happiness with friends and family. Send a video and broadcast your holiday wishes.

    And Toby shares 7 Lessons Learned about Branding 2.0: The New Online Community(See her story for details):

    1. This is Complex – It’s complex and it carries risk
    2. Fish Where the Fish Are – Stop trying to get them into your pool first. The prize isn’t the Prize. The Experience is the Prize
    3. Users Love to Watch Our Ads – More than they hate advertising
    4. Play to the Team’s Sweet Spots – More team is easier than wrong team
    5. Leverage Search – Especially for things you just invented
    6. Understand Consumers’ Multiple Motives for Engaging – Get ok with them
    7. Let Consumers Defend You – They are more passionate and authentic anyway (Trust me, I have seen this happen!)

    The story is not complete without comments and an interesting comment links us to this story on Media 3.0 by Shelly Palmer “Dove’s Cream Oil Body Wash submit a commercial and we’ll air it during the Oscar telecast contest.” – Shelly believes “.. asking a consumer to create a finished spot with appropriate messaging and production value is extraordinarily unwise and, frankly, impossible”. It is an interesting conversation about how far should a brand go with User Generated Media?
    Go up to using ad films conceived and shot by them, for broadcast? How about just taking the concept and shooting it afresh? What if the ‘amateur’ team that shot it is actually professionally training in film making? What would ‘I’ do if it was my brand? Well, I guess there are no straight or simple answers – I would decide with content available at hand then.
    This is a must read post for all marketers.Enjoy! Thanks for this Toby!

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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