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    Listening? Not yet!

    It would seem that most Indian marketers choose to simply hide behind the reasoning that “Volumes don’t justify,” for not acting on customer feedback:

    1. After years of leaving feedback after feedback, I still cannot get a shirt with sleeves in length that fits me
    2. After years of leaving feedback after feedback, I still cannot get trousers in waist size 33″
    3. Last winter, I couldn’t find a pullover in ANY Indian brand that was less wide at the waist, than at the chest – they seem to only be designing for the unfit male – I had to finally settle for a foreign label that cost me a bomb. Shame I think.

    This one beats me:

    1. After years of feedback, I still cannot get a coffee bar to serve me soup (even a pour hot water in cup, over a sachet ‘maggie’ variety, sold at a premium over listed price?) as they are a ‘coffee bar’, then why serve tea and assortment of other drinks? Simple logic that every time a guest wants to have something liquid, it doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘sweet’ doesn’t seem to cut ice

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