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  • LiveJournal Quick Tales Flash Fiction Contest Launched.

  • LiveJournal Quick Tales Flash Fiction Contest Launched.

    LiveJournal Quick Tales Flash Fiction Contest Launched.


    This one should excite our readers! :)
    For the last few months, we have been working closely with LiveJournal, the leading global online community blogging platform, on their India strategy and have interacted with existing members; conducted a market study; seeded lj_india as our hub to update members about latest developments and India initiatives at LiveJournal. And to launch the first India project, india_writing – a global forum which aims to bring together Indian writers, across geographies, genres and forms – we have now announced an exciting writing contest with Caferati, one of India’s most vibrant literary communities.
    Delighted to present to you Quick Tales – The LiveJournal – Flash Fiction Contest .
    The Contest is quite simple:

    1. Tell us a story in 500 words or less. On offer: delicious cash prizes, global visibility and the chance to be part of a book.
      The contest is open to residents of India who are members of LiveJournal’s India Writing community. (If you’re not a member, joining is free. Click the Create a LiveJournal Account link at the top of any LJ page.)
      The theme is “Journal,” and the contest is now open and your deadline is 7 September 2008.


    1. The top 5 winning entries take home cash prizes of Rs. 19999, Rs. 16000, Rs 12000, Rs. 8000 and Rs. 4000, respectively.
      And the rest of the top ten get one year paid accounts on LJ.
      Each of the top 100 entries will also be highlighted on LJ’s India Writing community for the world to see. (Short-listed stories may also be included in a book that LiveJournal plans to publish at a later date.)

    But what’s Flash Fiction!!??

    1. Peter, Caferati, says “Flash Fiction, also called micro-fiction, short-shorts, and many other names, demands that the writer tell a story with all the classical elements – a beginning, middle and end, a conflict and resolution, a credible protagonist – but within a very limited number of words, which may mean that these elements are implied rather than made explicit.
      It is an ancient form, but has grown hugely in popularity in these attention-deficit times, with the growth of the Internet. If standard short fiction is like a one-day international, think of the Quick Tales Flash Fiction Contest as the 20–Twenty of contemporary story-telling!”

    Quick Tales and India Writing are just the first parts of Live Journal’s plans for India. There’s more coming your way soon. But, right now, let’s win some! :)
    Also, help us get the word out about the contest – by telling your friends and readers, by putting up a line or two about it on your blog or any relevant communities that you are a member of.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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