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  • Love Travel Guides – a picture of beauty

    Love Travel Guides – a picture of beauty


    Here we go…I am back in action after a brief hiatus, thanks to nice things that have been happening in life :).
    I was at Full Circle, Khan Market, thanks to a canceled meeting, collecting data on price points at which books in different categories are being sold. Obviously there is a science to it, based on many factors like content, category, author, format & printing, expected sales and more but how do you think the price of a book impacts its positioning/ perception in the customer’s mind?
    For e.g. are you induced to buy a book if it’s priced cheaper than expected OR do you end up doubting it’s value instead? Do share your feedback.
    Coming back to the picture above…
    I was making notes, even as I walked to the cash counter, when I saw these and forgot everything for a bit. What you see above is Love Delhi from the Love Travel Guides series.
    I must confess I haven’t seen any book, at least at that price point (Rs. 220/- or something) look that ‘beautiful’. Packed in a fine silk bag, the book itself is printed on fine hand-made paper. I was amazed at the attention to detail. I didn’t buy a copy, as I don’t really need another Delhi Travel Guide :), but this really sets a new benchmark in the travel/ tourist/ give-away kind of book variety – where value addition/ looks will likely play a role in making the choice.
    BTW – publishing is one of my favourites, when it comes to social media relevance/ impact. No one is doing anything in India, yet.

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