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  • Merrier Christmas – full of joy and learnings.

  • Merrier Christmas – full of joy and learnings.

    Merrier Christmas – full of joy and learnings.

    Coming back from the team Christmas lunch at just now, we bumped into the little girl with flowers, again, and I am still smiling. What a lovely reminder of my own lesson she left me with day before…
    My wife and I were driving towards work when this really beautiful girl, around 6 years, came towards our car dancing. She was selling roses! I have stopped giving money to kids at traffic crossings, wary about feeding the vicious circle of child trafficking. On the other hand I have always been an admirer of how savvy the little ‘salesmen/ salesgirls’ are.
    I sometimes get upset when I see a kid trying to ‘sell’, but pleading like a beggar – “either you beg, or you sell! If you are not begging, then why is your tone that of a beggar? If you have CHOSEN not to beg, then important that you don’t. Don’t disrespect your work and yourself by ‘begging’ the customer to ‘buy’. Sell with dignity!”
    This one was smiling, dancing, trying to sell her flowers to us…except I wasn’t in a mood to buy -“the flowers may not be clean,” a thought crossed. Wife said let’s give her something maybe? I handed over a Rs. 10 note to her – she took the note, dropped a bunch of flowers in the car…danced away…laughing. My wife and I looked at each-other and smiled – what a lovely reminder…
    Merry Christmas to you all – share joy with all around.
    Blogworks completes 3 years officially on 26 December ( though I did my first Blogworks workshop in October 2006). There will be a post on 28th, as soon as we get back to work post the much deserved Christmas break :)
    Photograph courtesy Sankarshan.

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