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  • Milestones on a start-up’s journey – the team takes positions.

  • Milestones on a start-up’s journey – the team takes positions.

    Milestones on a start-up’s journey – the team takes positions.

    A start-up taking the institution route is a journey. Of course we are learning and growing each day, yet there are some days that become memorable milestones.
    A few months ago when a couple of my colleagues closed a business negotiation, all by themselves, I sat back and smiled. The loop was complete, for, it is this ability to bring business in that’s critical for our move into a higher growth orbit.
    Then last Friday I briefed the team on a new Weekly Review format that kept the rigour in measurement but gave the customer a dashboard view of what was happening on the programme. “Move from ‘Output’ measures to measuring Engagement and Impact, even on a weekly basis,” I had said, “The insights need to be brought up.”
    What I got yesterday was the crispest, and yet, a very comprehensive representation of our work and customer insights. Yes, there will be more changes, but that the team has clear grasp on RoI was obvious. I am yet to get over that high.
    Adding to the high was the sight of this sexy article, written by a colleague, going out over email…on it’s way to, hopefully, get published in a business daily.
    We’re set!

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