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    1. Ajay is a man on a mission – a green mission.

      His recently launched blog focuses on “…simple, practical practices we can all adopt in our organizations and communities to make a big difference to the planet.”
      “Use common sense,”he says, adding,”You might never get it, but you still take a smallpox or meningitis vaccine. The same goes for climate change. So, cover yourself, before it is too late.”
      Read his practical tips and join-in to make a difference.

    2. She went, she saw, she created!

      Most people would go on a holiday and come back with a travelogue – not Rekha. When I recently met her, after her return from a holiday in Lebanon and Turkey, the glow on her face told me something was cookin – out came Global Desi. A global citizen she truly is anyway and the blog will share her and other traveler’s experiences. The blog design is work in progress, but content shaping up nicely – read her take on the Bindi(an)question!
      This talk about travel and Indians reminds me of the SriLankan Airlines’ outdoor campaign around town “Indians are everywhere, how do they get there? – SriLankan Airlines,”. Brings a smile to my face- something doesn’t seem ok with that line. It might have read better as, “Indians are everywhere, we take them there!” or something (if at anything on these lines). What say?

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