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  • Monetizing content through ‘lead generation’ is a win-win

  • Monetizing content through ‘lead generation’ is a win-win

    Monetizing content through ‘lead generation’ is a win-win

    I have visualised and shared this scenario with platform owners for a few years, they seem to be coming around to adopt it.

    The scenario is fairly simple

    1. Marketers and businesses often have money, and are led by deadlines. Organic growth/ lead generation is slow and doesn’t deliver critical mass, fast enough
    2. Content owners have meaningful and compelling content, but often do not own powerful channels to monetize the content
    3. Platform owners offer powerful channels to host user generated content, used by these content owners, to reach an audience but often with no payments to content owners

    In my interactions with businesses, I have seen many, if not most, struggle with content – particularly the B2B businesses where content may be highly specialized and technical in nature.  Putting together this content takes effort, time and money.

    As more B2B business look at the social web with the intent of connecting with customers – lead generation is becoming an important activity/ function. We already know that social web responds to content, and that’s where lies the challenge/ opportunity.


    1. Businesses put together/ commission content, so they can generate leads
    2. Platform owners have experimented with lead generation and made some cash
    3. Content owners have had to satisfy themselves with free eyeballs

    Why can’t a business bid for lead generation on someone (else’s) relevant and compelling content – if the content owner was a willing party and got a share of the revenue.  The content is already available ,and popular; the business has money to pay; the platform owner is/ should be willing to share with content owner.

    The scenario is not very different from the thriving App economy. Only a matter of time before it picks up and becomes mainstream.

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