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  • Learnings from the web: my talk at Mobile Social Networking Asia 2010, HK

  • Learnings from the web: my talk at Mobile Social Networking Asia 2010, HK

    Learnings from the web: my talk at Mobile Social Networking Asia 2010, HK

    UPDATED: 31 May 2010

    Finally managed to get back to this post to write a few lines about my experience at the conference. To begin with, I attended a workshop by Kei Shimada, Infinitia, focused on understanding the mobile market in Japan. It was fascinating to hear about this country of 128 million, with 109 mobile mobile subscribers, of which 90 percent use data services, and almost all are on 3G.

    Japan, in contrast to other economies, has many unique elements:

    1. 3 G licenses were given away for free, with the Government seeing telecom as infrastructure that it needs to invest into
    2. No fragmentation owing to devices, all operators work with device manufactures to dictate specifications, ensuring consistence in deliveries
    3. All handsets are sim locked
    4. Very low priced, gym membership pricing model, data plans
    5. Revenue share heavily favours the content provider – ensuring a robust business model for content
    6. Email on mobile, not sms is the standard
    7. Marketers use the mobile heavily – approx 300 billion page views/ year
    8. Gaming is a key driver for Social Networking on the mobile
    9. Mobile gaming is hugely popular, with revenues being driven by Avatars -people would sometimes pay a premium for virtual goods, over physical purchase of same items
    10. Virtual currency, in gaming purchase heavy contributors to revenues

    The conference itself was great, with speakers from across the world.

    Brad Porteus and Bill Crawley from Bubble Motion were there. They are piloting Bubbly in India right now.

    A Philippines mobile operator, ‘Smart’, has seen direct, favourable impact after introduction of Social Networking on revenues, with incremental revenues of 6 percent from users of their SM services. I will try and see if I get this case-study to share on my blog.

    I could go on…
    Three days of great learning on mobile social networking and friends made.
    From India, I found a great new friend in Rohit Sawhney of Virgin and with the Hungama Mobile team who were there too.
    Thank you Vincent, Eugene, Jhorden and Farik for inviting me and for the great conference you guys hosted.

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