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    I haven’t really listened to too many of Osho’s talks but this one I connect with closely. It’s from the album Five Fingers. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do:
    “You see my five fingers(pause)but somebody can see the five gaps between my fingers(long pause)but ordinarily you will not the gaps you will see five fingers(pause) but the gaps are more real – fingers may come and go, gaps will remain.
    Between sounds of music, there are gaps of silence(long pause)The authentic music consists not of sounds but of the gaps- sounds come and go those gaps remain(long pause) and music can make you aware of those gaps more beautifully than anything else(long pause)Hence I have to say that music comes next to silence.”

    I have done away with punctuations completely mostly and just gone with pauses as I heard them. You can also listen to the original audio recording here– Five Fingers- track 6. I was hoping to upload the file here but haven’t heard back on a mail seeking permission that I wrote to the Osho International Foundation a few days ago.
    More about the art of listening, here I need to visit :).

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