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  • My case-study was stolen.

  • My case-study was stolen.

    My case-study was stolen.

    I discovered, yesterday, that my case-study had been stolen. The theft perhaps happened a few days ago, but we never came to know. Someone broke the lock-bar on our garage and stole my bicycle. I was going to take it out today to start riding again…
    I am feeling an unusual sense of loss, as this is was not just another of my possessions.
    Since the time I bought it, nearly 2 years ago, besides, of course, riding it when I could, the bicycle was the subject matter of one of my most important case-studies around “impact of social media on purchase decisions” – I had spoken about it on my blog, presented the case at dozens of speaking sessions and workshops across the country; submitted it on focus groups. Participants would always be able to relate with the example.
    What do I say.
    Now it’s gone, the learnings stay.

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