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    Myths and interpretations!

    I was first exposed to Dr.Devdutt Pattanaik’s writings through his book Goddess in India that my friend Arshiya Sethi gifted me a few years ago. Then last month I picked up his book myth = mithya – a handbook of Indian Mythology. As I read the book, written in a style that’s engaging by its absolute simplicity, my fascination with Indian mythology only grew deeper…
    One of the stories spoke about how Krishna, said to be associated with 16108 women, managed to keep all of them in love with him! I have been using Krishna’s reference as part of my presentations and writings, drawing similarities between needs of the new marketing environment and how Krishna engaged the Gopis – in a manner each felt like he was giving them individual attention and none felt ignored. How did he do that? I read further and an idea was born: Can I dare to quote episodes from Indian Mythology (more specifically from ‘myth = mithya’) and draw learnings that could be be applied in context of Social Media and Conversational Marketing.
    The author in his introduction to the book, says:
    “Mythology tends to be hyperbolic and fantastic to drive home a myth. It is modern arrogance to presume that in ancient times people actually believed in the objective existence of virgin births, flying horses, parting seas, talking serpents, gods with six heads and demons with eight arms. The sacredness of such obviously irrational plots and characters ensures their flawless transmission over generations. Any attempt to challenge their validity is met with outrage. Any attempt to edit them is frowned upon. The unrealistic content draws attention to the idea behind the communication. Behind virgin births and parting seas is an entity who is greater than all forces of nature put together. A god with six heads and a demon with eight arms project a universe where there are infinite possibilities, for the better and for the worse.”
    So, there are learnings to be taken…
    I had been thinking about writing to Dr. Pattanaik for a week or so and then his email id just presented itself to me day before, along with his article Doorkeepers of Vaikuntha that appeared in Corporate Dossier, The Economic Times. He was prompt in his reply, and generous in allowing me to quote freely and invited me to meet him over tea, whenever we are in the same city – he is located in Mumbai. I am looking forward to hearing more stories, first-hand, from one of India’s most popular mythologists! :)
    I already have one piece in mind, connected with the Krishna story. Will there be more? I too will let all the “Gods, Goddesses, gods and goddesses, demons and angels” decide.
    Coming soon, the series that I am thinking of calling “MythoLOGIC” – or do you have a suggestion on what the series could be called? Do share…

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