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  • Navy Adventure at South Pole!!

  • Navy Adventure at South Pole!!

    Navy Adventure at South Pole!!


    The Indian Navy Adventure Team is at it again. Did you know that the Navy’s Adventure Teams also climbs mountains, goes trekking and conquers the skies… among other things? I didn’t! Not until a few years ago! Read on..
    It is not for nothing that they call themselves Mavericks. Led by Cdr. Satyabrata Dam, a three member team from the Indian Navy – Vikas Kumar and Rakesh Kumar being the other two – successfully completed their ski traverse to the Geographic South Pole yesterday, making them the first team to have done so and also among those very few who have done two of the three poles. Cheers!

    It was in 2004 that I first got exposed to the Indian Navy’s Adventure Cell -actually- Directorate of Adventure, Physical and Sports Activities (DAPSA)-, which under the stewardship of Commodore Bajwa (now retired) then summited Mt. Everest. I and my team were leading the communication initiative for the project along with Captain Sameer, who was managing the project cell. It was undoubtedly among the most memorable assignments that I have handled.
    And the joys of technology – the last time around we had we had one of the team member’s speak with the media from the base camp. This time I got the news from a friend whom Satya called from the Pole yesterday, to inform her of the successful culmination.
    Obviously it wasn’t easy – it took the team 2 weeks to traverse the 250 kms distanc(starting from 88º South), battling difficult weather conditions, to finally reach the Amundsen-Scott Base located on 90º South). The Indian flag is flying high!
    Want to know more? Here you go:
    Meanwhile, I still await Sameer keeping his promise of inviting me for the Sky Jump -next time we meet, he’d said!

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