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  • New visual identity for @blogworks

  • New visual identity for @blogworks

    New visual identity for @blogworks

    We’ve been working on strengthening the visual language for the company for a while now and today I am delighted to share with you the new look blogworks :)

    An important question, when it came to blogworks, was also whether we should re-brand the offering itself to adopt another name?

    Some people, including some of us, felt that the name did not convey the width of work that we undertake – from social media strategy, delivery of high-end applications and digital assets, to high-impact insights through workshops, research papers and market studies undertaken for global brands, and more.

    However, we realised, thanks to your support, blogworks has come to enjoy tremendous goodwill amongst all stakeholders and hence had to ‘built upon’ rather than be dropped.

    We were also keen to weave a visual link between our other offerings, the parent – Scenario Consulting – which you shall see come alive over the next few weeks; and the community we seeded a couple of years ago, and which you have seen grow into becoming a repository of knowledge around use of social media in India.

    We first worked with my talented friend Sonalee Tomar, who also helped us with the winner certificates for IndiaSocial CaseChallenge2, and were able to get closer to clarity on what we really wanted to do and a few themes, but realised that we needed to work with someone closer, in terms of location, and a referral led us to Rohit and Sriparna of TiffinBox, in whom we found the team that was not just talented and hands-on, but also had the necessary learning and rigour that we were seeking. Thank you all.

    The final logo, you will agree, is – simple; showcases a stronger brand; but doesn’t seek too much attention to itself, rather becomes a stamp to our work. It urges us as a team to deliver even better quality of work.

    The unit you see along (first used by us on the IndiaSocial winner certificate), is inspired by the honeycomb – the ultimate community – always buzzing, a perfect showcase of teamwork, produces honey – knowledge and content being our deliverables.

    The unit also works well as a thumbnail, penetrating news feeds and user timelines, increasingly the default views that brands are being seen by on their social media touch points.

    You will see the new logo come alive on the web, and print, over the next few days. Tell us when and where you saw it first :)

    Do share your feedback on what you think about our new look and continue to send your good wishes, and blessings, for our journey ahead together.


    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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