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  • Nike Cricket Ad – Advertising as entertainment

  • Nike Cricket Ad – Advertising as entertainment

    Nike Cricket Ad – Advertising as entertainment


    This really couldn’t wait – saw this at the cinema hall last night and just HAD to post this. Reminded me of days when I was growing up and I would switch on the television 15 mins before Chitrahaar, just to watch the ads, and then move on as the songs began.
    The ad has no mention of any Nike product but the connect with the Nike spirit of ‘Just do it’ is so strong that no product is needed – its about a way of life. With cricket fever reaching a crescendo in the country, the timing is great.
    Advertising and entertainment will seamlessly merge, I think- focus would be again creating brand communities rather than highlight ‘a product’.

    The ad has an unmistakable latino feel to it – inspired by a similar football ad maybe? I don’t know. If yes, great extension.
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