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  • Now, your ‘Inbox’ is changing!

  • Now, your ‘Inbox’ is changing!

    Now, your ‘Inbox’ is changing!

    With the emergence of social networks, ‘multitasking’ is no more a choice but a necessity. We, at Blogworks, often discuss how multitasking can reduce the concentration level and become a reason for low productivity, if not kept track of. Yes, there are reasons enough to get lost in the world of Internet.

    The key to networking today is ‘accessibility’, ‘building a personal connect’ and a ‘quick response time’. A recent conversation with a friend made me realise how email has been changing, slow and steady. I would like to think that it is ‘social media’ which has led to the evolution of an otherwise stagnant inbox. Would you leave your email account if you can network, post updates, see videos from there itself?

    The ‘inbox’ is increasingly becoming a ‘Social Network’, where you can interact, check out videos, make real time conversations, comments, add friends, schedule meetings and so on. Be it Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, the platforms are innovating, experimenting and implementing features which makes the email not only interactive but also more accessible. Google Voice is one such example. With a Google Voice account, any user can dial in without even knowing the number of the person, from web as well as from a handset. Gmail’s move towards priority inbox, changes in Google Docs, I believe are chapters of the same book.

    More powerful the ‘inbox’ becomes, more power would be transferred to an email id. Businesses would thrive on them and consumers would strive hard to protect them.

    Features to look forward to

    • Seamless video/songs can be played within the emails
    • Deals, offers based on the users location
    • Email becomes social – integration of popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn in the email
    • Auto cleaning of spam/expired emails after a certain point of time, where in the time frame can be defined by the user

    This also leads me to believe that email marketing would see a fresh breath of air soon. The new ‘inbox’ would also impact B2B and the way companies communicate, both internally and externally.

    However, I do see a flip side to it as well. It is usual to find social networks like Facebook, Twitter banned at work places. Would companies ever open up to the use of such evolved email platforms?

    Can email ids become the next currency?

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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