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    Of visualization charts

    Yesterday when we announced a small performance bonus for the team, it was another one of the items on my visualization chart, which sits opposite my office desk, coming true. This one reads “Share the Wealth” and even though the amounts involved may not be very big, the first fruit of the tree we planted is nevertheless very special.
    The financial year 2009-10 was an exciting one; we started with a few setbacks-thanks to the global slowdown but relentlessly pursued. The year simply put was a test of our determination and we prevailed.
    One of our core organisation value has been “One for all; all for one” which technically means “At Scenario everyone helps whoever needs help or support”.
    In a new, heart-warming twist to this value, my colleagues when they learned that I am not included in the list of beneficiaries for the performance bonus this year, insisted that I too take a share from the allocated funds. Grateful and honoured, I too am taking a token amount – it’s somewhat similar to currency notes that your family elders give you on a special day and you put aside to cherish, maybe not spend :)
    In other news I have traveled through March – Mumbai, Bangalore, Mumbai again, and then the shortest possible break in Goa :).
    Expect a completely revamped and in a little over 2 weeks from now -we would be evaluating designs in a week from now.
    We’ve made offers to some very cool young professionals – expect them to join mid-April onwards. We might have presence in Bangalore soon…
    All good; all fun.

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