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  • One brand’s experiment… is our learning!

  • One brand’s experiment… is our learning!

    One brand’s experiment… is our learning!

    The first learning on this post from Toby, on consumer generated media and advertising, that I linked to sometime ago read:

    1. This is Complex – It’s complex and it carries risk

    Yesterday a friend forwarded me this piece in the Financial Express (via their arrangement with NYTimes)
    That’s exactly what Heinz seems to discovered in its experiment to run a contest inviting consumers to submit their ads.
    Sample this:
    “In one of them, a teenage boy rubs ketchup over his face like acne cream, then puts pickles on his eyes. One contestant chugs ketchup straight from the bottle, while another brushes his teeth, washes his hair and shaves his face with Heinz’s product. Often the ketchup looks more like blood than a condiment.”
    Shelly Parmer’s post, part of my post on Toby’s, too was critical of brands using consumers to generate ads.
    I don’t think anyone has sure answers on what would work or what wouldn’t in an arena so new, not that there were any guarantees earlier. We can only learn from what’s happening around.
    Tricky, eh?

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