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  • Oye Pappe! Says Hritik??

  • Oye Pappe! Says Hritik??

    Oye Pappe! Says Hritik??


    Just when I had thought that the guys at Tata Sky and Rediffusion-DY&R were a bunch of geniuses themselves, having managed to break away from the clutter in the CAS/ DTH space with their “…Einstein jaisa genius” campaign, using Active Whizkids to leverage the ‘edutainment’ positioning, as against the competition, which had been crying hoarse over the number of channels viewers can watch. Now which parent doesn’t want her child to be like a genius (let’s not get into authenticity that claim holds, for advertising ceased to anywhere close to the truth a lonnng time ago – ok, most advertising!).
    But then I saw the service’s new ‘World Cup’ burst featuring Hritik! Sigh! What a waste of a great face & name!

    tata sky.jpg

    Here’s why I don’t like this one, one bit:

    1. Oye Pappe? Oye Pappe? Can you visualise Hritik uttering those words? I just cannot. It is so unlike his positioning as a suave, urbane dude
    2. So what that you may have named that strange character – wrapped in grass, holding a pack of popcorn – Pappe? Pappe is the name of this character? What a waste – I am sure there is research backing up the name and the concept – there always is….
    3. The expression on Hritik’s face says he may well have just finished watching one of his most forgettable movies or did we lose a game? Semi-finals? Well, in that case I don’t think anyone wants to watch the finals anyway – with or without Hritik. Where is cricketing passion in this pic?
    4. Poor copy and too much of it; the character’s in the back seat (not with Hritik) – does he represent the customer? The customer is not the hero?
    5. Disappointed!

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