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  • PITCHH.COM is now live. Go on, make the right connect.

  • PITCHH.COM is now live. Go on, make the right connect.

    PITCHH.COM is now live. Go on, make the right connect.


    I have been sharing developments on this project over the last few weeks and we are NOW live, still a beta though. Allow me to present – why the extra ‘h’? We think it’s sexy! We think it gives you an extra H – oops, ‘extra EDGE’ we mean. :), is a business utility that lets Brands and Agencies “Make the Right Connect” globally.

    1. Brands can create and invite pitch applications for wider choice of ideas and partners.
    2. Agencies across streams of advertising, public relations, marketing, social media and more, can connect directly.

    We got off to a good start, in terms of reviews with Amit Ranjan’s Webyantra, giving us more than passing marks :)
    UPDATE: And we are on Exchange4Media.
    , Alootechie ; MediaWatch India and Watblog.
    What will Pitchh do for you? lets Brands & Organizations, looking for communication and marketing partners; reach out globally, seamlessly, in real time, for a wider choice of ideas and partners by just writing a pitch invitation. Responses from Agencies can then be evaluated privately.
    For Agencies, performs the critical business discovery function and creates a level playing field that lets the ‘right’ partner be counted, participate and make a winning case. is a global platform and Invitations and Applications can be seen on the website in a variety of views- including by country, last date, popularity and others.
    How you can use it.
    You are a Brand or an Organization looking for an agency > go to Invite a Pitch > fill in an assignment brief > publish – and you are done.
    No more reaching out to just a handful of names; no more hunting for specialty partners in those obsolete directories that can’t help anyway. Pitchh lets you reach out globally, seamlessly, in real time, for a wider choice of ideas and partners. Just let them know you are looking for them and Make the Right Connect. You can evaluate applications privately – no one, other than you, gets to see the responses.
    You are an Agency > go to Apply for a Pitch > View invited pitches> Create a profile> Apply for the pitch and you are connected.
    No more working the phone just to be let into that hallowed circle; no more hush -hush pitches that you never got to hear about until they were long over; no more back-and-forth over emails with missing attachments. Pitchh lets you raise your hand and be counted, so you could participate, Make the Right Connect.
    Quick and Effective. Try !!
    You will see content come alive too, as YOU create profiles. Do so. You can expect many more changes, features in the next few weeks – your feedback would enable many of them.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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