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  • Points to help you win!

    Points to help you win!

    I visited Mumbai last week for a talk at The Park- Navi Mumbai – a very chic, contemporary property indeed! Navi Mumbai surprised me with its green and space, but then new development seemed to be mushrooming everywhere so looks like it will get busy too.
    We were a small group, around 15 of us…
    Towards the end of my talk, I shared these points that I think are relevant for businesses (particularly those with global outlook) looking at adopting blogs (and social media):

    1. Think Global – it’s very easy to get trapped by our own geography and language.
      Our customers and other stakeholders however may not be limited to just these and it’s important to keep that in mind when planning our social media strategy. For example, on the language front, Japanese has already overtaken English as the # 1 language on the blogosphere. Do we have stakeholders in that geography or those who speak that language?
    2. Think Local – equally important that we don’t just scratch the surface and ignore local initiatives. Again language for example- Hindi & local language is beginning to get popular in India on blogs & social media.
    3. Think Engagement – blogs are not about ‘selling’, though they can lead to enhanced sales – thanks to the help they offer on the customer’s decision making process and because of enhanced trust they result in. However, let’s not don’t get into a sales spiel – think how can we add value to our readers’ life.
    4. Think Influencers – you know what I am saying…
    5. Think Strategy – it’s very easy to get carried away with tactical initiatives but they may not deliver sustained, measurable results. Begin with a strategy – what’s the need? how would we measure success? I could go on with the same story again!

    I think another crucial point:

    1. Think Ethics – brand custodians have carefully nurtured reputation for their brands and maintained high standards across many other mediums. Yet many get tempted by ‘the thought’ of seeming ease with which one could get away with a stealth operation on social media. In reality very few have – there are enough examples of such attempts having backfired on brand owners. Am sure we know a few ourselves.

    Add to the list of points above.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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