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    Polo Trivia 1

    The Delhi Polo season typically begins late October, however, for me the countdown has alredy begun.Some polo trivia to warm you up:
    1. Did you know polo is perhaps the only game in world in which use of the left hand (active in play, holding the mallet) is forbidden!? The reason is simple – to ensure fair play. If a player was using the left hand to play, it would be extremely difficult for an opponent, riding to the right of this horse, be able to reach the ball at all.

    2. In polo, like in any other equestrian game, horses have ‘right of way’. A player crossing the line of an opponent would immediately be given a foul against, on grounds that this kind of play could be dangerous for the horse and/or the player.

    3. Check out the polo shots here.

    (polo shot image courtesy

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