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  • Radio Mirchi Visual Radio – behind the curtain promotion

  • Radio Mirchi Visual Radio – behind the curtain promotion

    Radio Mirchi Visual Radio – behind the curtain promotion

    I just put the phone down after talking to a friend who heads one of the stations for Radio Mirchi. I wanted to congratulate ‘someone’ – actually ‘anyone’ – from that team for having come up with, what I think is the most outstanding promotion on Radio that I have heard in the longest time.
    I am talking about the Visual Radio, ‘behind the curtain’, promotion that’s on air right now.
    In typical theatre style, a man’s voice is whispering prompts to someone supposedly making a speech. Nothing short of outstanding – it is funny and yet not crass as most of the other stuff on Radio is these days. Breaks the clutter and in its earthy approach, such a sophisticated rendition .
    It manages to bring a smile on my face each time, however many times I listen to it. As a matter of fact, quite like I used to, as a child, tune-in to television 15 mins before Chitrahaar to just watch the ads and then move on as the songs rolled out – I am, these days, tuning into Mirchi just in the hope of catching the promo and then…maybe move on! :)

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