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    This comment was not relevant to the post and I would usually not encourage something like this, but as a somewhat popular marketing, communication blog, the subject is topical and indeed contentious.
    Indian Advertisers held to Ransom by IBF.

    “The festive season is on and this is buzzing time for all advertisers in the Indian advertising industry. Bang on this time all TV channels have unilaterally decided to increase rates by 25% through a surcharge route across all current and new deals…
    AAAI categorically refuses channels acting in unison and increasing rates by fixed percentage by certain rates as against the idea of IBF advising its member channels to renege on existing agreement deals. As this drama goes on, IBF is allowing PSU and Govt clients to advertise without surcharge. They are also incentivizing clients to come directly to them by not applying the surcharge and running on existing rates. They have gone ahead and also accepting campaign from non AAAI agencies with a lower surcharge of 10%.”

    Read the comment here: reported on 12 October: ISA, IBF lock horns over 25 pc input cost surcharge on TV ad rates
    UPDATE: 18 October 2007, 4.21 p.m.
    Exchange4Media has 2 stories updating the status on the issue. Matters are HOT at the moment:

    1. IBF–ISA row: IBF honouring existing deals – correction or back off?
    2. Now, AAAI differs with IBF on net rates.

    Mint of this morning had a nice piece too.

    1. Ad war between IBF, ISA hots up

    I was talking to one of my media planner friends and wondering when will marketers start to move from number of viewers to engagement? Agreed, online is tiny in comparison and within that social media is even tinier, but that’s if you go by numbers alone. The viral effect that it can deliver offline through word-of-mouth can be huge. Time to engage your customers? I love the slide with little yellow umbrellas’ in this post – see and let me know what you think!

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