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  • Rediff’s iShare – a nice beginning!

  • Rediff’s iShare – a nice beginning!

    Rediff’s iShare – a nice beginning!


    I will keep this one short and sweet.
    Yesterday when Priyanka called me to speak regarding iShare – the new content platform from Rediff , I was quite excited. For this is the second major initiative from Rediff, on the blog & social media front, in an equal number of weeks…
    Rediff was, I think, the original Indian blog platform years ago (now Rediff iLand), so to me it is only natural that they are taking the lead on the social media initiatives. Two weeks ago they launched Rediff Blogshowcase – allowing bloggers to share an RSS feed, even as they continue to blog from their original platforms. I do believe aggregation is the way forward, though I think this particular initiative will still be adopted by the casual blogger , which is fine because that’s what the large population wants to be… write and be read by more people. No business, advertising revenue etc ambitions…
    Coming back to iShare, I tend to agree with Amit Ranjan’s thought “I for one believe that there is a strong case for Indian versions of Flickr & Youtube to gain ascendancy inspite of the popularity of the global sites.” Though not in all categories. Early days to say more about iShare, but I like it. Also I am a bit old fashioned and really like to see content by ‘Categories’. Tags are great, but sometimes Categories are what you need – say I quickly want to see just uploaded ‘Advertisements’ and nothing else – iShare lets me do that with zero effort and I like that :).
    I didn’t quite understand what Ajit Balakrishnan meant by “It’s like combining properties of YouTube and Orkut,”. It didn’t come across like that to me – YouTube, Flickr and ‘your pick’ of music site but ‘Content Platform’, not like Orkut or an obvious networking site. Sure networking will evolve around similar ‘likes’ etc. but that’s an outtake of the content. Maybe there are plans to add new elements soon.
    Anyway, I have INSISTED that some of my friends, associates, clients join up Facebook and see what is happening – it is too damn fascinating – that’s another post though.

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