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  • Relive the learnings 2 – Close the loop.

  • Relive the learnings 2 – Close the loop.

    Relive the learnings 2 – Close the loop.

    We continue in our business communication learnings series. In this post, I am taking up “Close the loop”. Let me try and share a simple example. I am sure you have experienced it yourself:

    1. Our client, Ram (fictitious name), calls me seeking inputs from a recent study. He needs these for a presentation scheduled for tomorrow that he is preparing.
    2. I am not at work but call up my colleague Rekha (fictitious name) and request her to send Ram the required inputs.
    3. Rekha puts together a summary document, attaches the study and emails these to Ram.She gets busy with piles of other work that she has lined up.
    4. I receive another call from Ram an hour later, sharing that he was out of office and wondering if the inputs were sent. I promise to get back to Ram and call up Rekha again, who confirms that the mail was sent an hour ago.
    5. I message Ram that the inputs have been sent to him.
    6. Nice work Rekha did but forgot to close the loop.

    It might have saved the two additional calls (and possible stress) if she had messaged me back confirming that desired action had been completed, or based on the relationship, messaged Ram too, confirming the same.
    I have seen a former boss, Managing Director of a large hospitality/ entertainment operation, tearing his hair out day after day, shooting message after message, memo after memo, just to seek confirmation on whether a requested task was completed.
    I am sure there are more complex situations that you have encountered in your own business lives where closing the loop could make all the difference.
    Save someone the angst, earn yourself the respect – close the loop.

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