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  • Relive the Learnings 5 – Your tone will decide the results.

  • Relive the Learnings 5 – Your tone will decide the results.

    Relive the Learnings 5 – Your tone will decide the results.

    Expect the slowdown, on writing, to continue until end of October, due to personal commitments. I will keep writing intermittently though.Come November, I am back with a vengeance :).
    The Relive the Learning series I started earlier got great response, and we have already touched upon:

    1. Say more in less.
    2. Close the loop.
    3. Don’t presume, ask instead.
    4. Make things idiot proof.

    Here is the last from the 5 learnings I wanted to share:
    “Your tone will decide the results.”

    1. “Did I catch you at the wrong time?”, you ask, as you call me on the phone.
    2. “Well, I am a little busy, can we speak later?”, I reply.

    How about trying “I hope it’s a good time to speak with you? I needed a minute”. I might actually be busy and you may still get a no, but I still prefer the latter version. Positive tone, and phrases, evoke positive responses, I believe.

    1. On days that a former colleague, from a public relations agency we used to work at, was unwell or feeling weak, I would strongly discourage her to call journalists on the phone to pitch a story on that day – chances of success would be bleak. Rather that the she wrote an email and followed up on the phone next morning, or handed over the task to another colleague, just for that day.
    2. Organization ABC is facing a potential crisis with the sudden departure of very senior colleague. The news needs to be communicated to the customer, but there could be repercussions. A communication is being drafted:
      – Senior colleague has left; we were expecting it to happen; we thought we would inform you. Expect your support.
      A little probe leads to the discovery that the senior resource had done did precious little in the last year to deliver business impact. That the team is well entrenched and is delivering value. The team-lead had recently been promoted. As a result of the departure, another senior person with relevant skill-sets had been pulled into the team. The CEO has decided to jump into supervising the relationship and a new, very senior professional, has been admitted on the advisory board.
      There seems to be a plan. Then, why not communicate that too?
      The revised note for the operations team at the customer-end highlights the team’s work, promotion of team-lead, shares the news about additional resource brought in, thanks and shares good wishes for the colleague leaving. Additionally a note is sent to the key stakeholders at customer-end about departure of colleague, about CEO’s enhanced involvement in the business and the addition of new member on the advisory board.
    3. Mass sealing of commercial establishments, including consulting services, operating from residential areas in New Delhi in the recent months has meant dislocation of many start-ups. A friend’s web services business too shifted from a more central, but not so cool, South Delhi locality to a not so central, but bigger, institutional address, in West Delhi.
      A mail communication to all business contacts started with an apology on the distance (which client visits an agency office in the first place?) instead of celebrating the new office.

    What would you have done? Your tone will decide the results.
    Keep writing.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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