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  • RSS and Blog usage for marketing on the rise!

  • RSS and Blog usage for marketing on the rise!

    RSS and Blog usage for marketing on the rise!

    Here’s a quick post!
    A Forrester survey of interactive marketers reports that RSS and blog usage is on the rise and the category has risen quickly over the last 12 months.
    ” If marketers have been slow to jump on mobile and gaming, social media is a different story…,” says a piece in Advertising Age Digital, talking about the survey.

    1. 40% of marketers are using or piloting RSS, up from 10% last year
    2. 34% are use or piloting blogs, up from 13% in the 2006 study

    “.. social networks, which have the slowest adoption of all social media tactics but still notched 20% penetration in terms of marketer use.” the article comments.
    India is showing a slightly different trend – social networks have actually seen some traction and marketers are looking at forming or participating in communities. On the other hand, adoption of blogs – corporate and usage of blogosphere for marketing has still been fringe but interest levels are on the rise. Another trend that will hopefully manifest itself strongly, soon, is ‘experts’ blogging.
    The piece has an interesting comment about consumers adopting emergent media faster than the marketer can keep pace, and need for the latter to stay updated (and ahead)- our own Social Media Workshop/s and talks are an attempt to help the marketer do so…
    While the fun has just begun, I am glad there are figures and clear directions available for marketers here too to establish trends…
    The Advertising Age story is here.

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