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  • Sapling’s growing up – Blogworks completed 3 years.

  • Sapling’s growing up – Blogworks completed 3 years.

    Sapling’s growing up – Blogworks completed 3 years.

    It’s interesting to read updates on Blogworks‘ anniversaries, one, two years ago, as I sit down down to write another about us turning three. Blogworks turned 3 ‘formally’ on 26 December 2009 and, this post should have been up on 28th, but the previous post will summarize why I couldn’t write it until now :).
    Year 2010 has started on a promising note. Last year, this time, the world was a different place – the slowdown had started to impact everyone. We too felt direct impact for about 2 months, which in turn cost us many more to get our cash flows back into order. Looking back however, it worked out well for us – the work that we started December ’08, started to pay-off towards September-October 2009.

    1. Becoming an organisation: small, but an organisation for sure. My colleagues are going out and ‘winning business’; submitting thought leadership articles; participating in crucial decisions about the company’s future; we formally articulated our Values; collaborative working is pretty much a norm.
      We’ve been leveraging technology – internal wikis and chat systems are just some manifestations, and are going to hold us in good stead, as we add more people.
      We moved into a new office in May ’09 – everyone who has visited us since has simply said, “what a lovely office”. Yesterday, with new colleagues, and guests, we realised that we might need to add more space. Amen.
      We’ve been very selective in our choice of people, that isn’t going to change.
    2. Evolution and Rigour: we worked non-stop through the year to add large multinational brands, as well as overseas start-ups – delivering strategic value to their social media programmes, even looking at every tactical initiative from a larger perspective; some great experiments that delivered valve – Samsung Corby Colour Wars, for example, took about 15 days of background work.
      RoI is our promised focus, from week reports to monthly and quarterly reviews, we believe you can measure anything, if you know the goals.
      Last couple of months have also seen frenzied activity in terms of evolving new practices – an Enterprise practice is in the works; the current marketing practice is likely to get split into 2.
      We’ve silently been incubating a few new initiatives, nothing to report on them right now :).
    3. Thought Leadership: the contribution we started over the last 4 years, continues. 2009, saw the launch of:
      India Social Media Survey Report – Edition 1 with exchange4media
      Exchange4Media made us a partner on the India Social Media Summit, in March 2009
      – Significantly, we seeded India Social™ recently with an aim to bring together stakeholders in the Indian social media eco-system for engagement, sharing, learning and collaboration in a vibrant space – physical and virtual.

    Last few years have taught me that it’s sometimes difficult to ‘predict’? what future holds, best to just keep our heads down and focus on what we need to do. However, with a clear understanding that “either we can wait, or we can create,” we are not going to wait for sure. Expect more from us.
    Thank you, all, for being there with your support and good wishes – grateful.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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