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  • Satyagrah in a Peepli Live show

  • Satyagrah in a Peepli Live show

    Satyagrah in a Peepli Live show

    Date: 15 August 2010

    Location: A prestigious cinema hall in Delhi NCR

    Occasion: Late afternoon show of Peepli Live

    Event: The movie has just started and already a bunch of rowdy guys are spoiling the fun by indulging in needless chatter and catcalls. It continues for a bit, until a gentleman somewhere close to the gang stands up in protest – it seems that the miscreants started smoking – a couple of other people join in to support; they engage the gang in a heated exchange and request anyone else whose movie experience is being compromised to stand up too. Within seconds, a majority of the audience are on their feet. Tables have turned, the gang is outnumbered. Cinema staff appears and the miscreants are escorted out.

    A few minutes of the movie are lost, but everyone goes back to watching the movie, without further interruptions.

    Learning: When honest people do come together, they are a formidable force.

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