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    Savvy Marketers?

    I feel frustrated (or amused, depending on my mood) when:

    1. I walk into the ‘largest’ bookstore in town and it is playing LOUD music
    2. Each time I ask for a book at another ‘large’ bookstore, attendant/s have a blank look on their face
    3. I am expected to buy music without being able to sample it (and can’t help feel guilty when I meekly request the store to open a copy for me, but adding that I may not buy if I don’t like it)
    4. We take the elevator in a mall and the staff is busy speaking with each-other, loudly
    5. We eat at a pizza chain outlet (this happened a few years ago) and the staff delivers a personalised note -complete with drawing of a pierced heart- along with the cheque “It was lovely to have such a wonderful couple dine with us.” or something like that (I was out for dinner with my sister and this one brought an amused smile.Their pizza was (and remains) good though and the staff is quite cool now)
    6. A tele-executive informs me that they have generously approved a loan for me, based on my past purchase record – the purchase happens to be a medical test I ran
    7. You have an amusing customer service or marketing related anecdote to share? Leave a comment or drop me a line.

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