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    Much as I have wanted to, haven’t been able to post anything in over a week – just been running around chasing assignments; spoke at another seminar at FMCC; moderating a session tomorrow and partly because I hurt my neck (in all probability attempting a headstand during yoga :) – fine now, though I was a bit tentative in class this weekend). The last made me wonder, how it must be for the really popular bloggers… what if they are not well and can’t post :)!
    Anyway, a short break from blogging never hurt anyone I think…lol.
    The first in our series of Social Media Workshops’ is tentatively scheduled for Friday -23 March, 2007 in New Delhi. There are a few details that still need to be finalised though. This offering would allow individual (and group) representatives from corporates, advertising and public relations agencies (anyone interested) to not just understand but also give them a touch and feel experience through a ‘do it along’ tutorial.


    Discovered (as in the dance form) via team webchutney at the talk- check it out – a ‘real’ person will help you refine your search. First of its kind? Will they make it paid? How scalable is it? Many questions I have, will write soon…

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