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    See you Freed!

    It has been many months since Kishore first mentioned Freedel – a free & open source event that he and others from the ILUG-D had been promoting for the last several years. Some help was needed on communication and marketing Kishore said and that’s where I jumped in…
    The result:
    Small Banner - 430x60
    As a leading community event, in the subcontinent and the developing world, promoting freedom and personal privacy in software, technology and other related fields, is different in that it is entirely of, for and by the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) community in India.
    At the core are:

    1. Promotion of FOSS software – muft (free) and mukt (freedom, do
      with/ to it, what you will).
      As a newbie, the more I get into the subject, the more fascinating it becomes. No I am not there yet, in terms of using a FOSS operating system etc., but the ‘Beginners’ track at the event promises to take me there, the fun way.
    2. Any closer and there’s fear of conjoining, but the event brings the FOSS community together anyway, as also new people into it.
    3. Coming together of exponents from within and outside the country usually leads to new projects besides common learning.

    My first ‘community’ event and it’s been fun – from an outsider who just came in to help on a project, I have decided to stay part of the group.
    You can join in, to attend; to volunteer; to promote.
    Registration is needed, but entry is free! Are you freed, yet?

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