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  • Sixtieth for Dad!

  • Sixtieth for Dad!

    Sixtieth for Dad!

    Walking in home after school – and later, after work – I would often be greeted to a lovely voice, more often than not singing a Hindi film oldie… I would sometimes think of it as emanating from the radio, only to realize it was dad indulging in his favorite pass-time.
    Dad sang at family gatherings, office recordings, in the kitchen or any corner of the house, pretty much anywhere…most of the time. He wanted to sing professionally, only I was too embarrassed at the thought and would constantly dissuade him and push away such ambitions.
    Then a couple of years ago a few setbacks had the voice slurring, lyrics forgotten and there was nothing more that I could desire than to have his songs back…
    The voice is back, so are the songs and as we celebrate dad’s 60th birthday today, there is nothing more that I want than good health for him, for his songs to continue and who knows a new career in singing may be around the corner. Amen.

    Recorded this in the morning (lost the original upload in migration, uploading fresh copy on 04 August 2010

    [audio:|titles=Is dil se teri yaad bhulaee nahin jaati]
    Thanks, all, whose support has allowed us to reach here. Eternally grateful!


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