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  • Social ads vs Organic mentions

    Social ads vs Organic mentions

    Recently while Facebooking, I came across a raging discussion about a popular mobile phone and its new variant.

    I was intrigued and was obviously drawn towards this fan page and within a few minutes of knowing I had not only become a ‘fan’, but also saw myself buying that mobile phone (backed by positive feedbacks).

    A couple of days later, I chuckled to myself as I started pondering how significantly social media effects consumer behavior. I was not even aware of this model before I incidentally chanced upon this casual discussion on Facebook and now I was the proud owner of this gadget, which is essentially a high involvement category. I started researching Facebook, whether they had published any statistical figures with respect to the organic mentions and social advertisements that appear on Facebook. But to my disappointment Facebook does not release any internal data, however, interestingly Neilsen has conducted a detailed research over the user behavior on Facebook.

    Sample size – 800,000 FB users

    No. of brands – 14 product categories

    The purchase intent increases fourfold when the brand/product appears in the organic mentions.

    The increase in brand recall is almost double when the mention co-insides with the user’s fan page. Neilson study reflects that organic mentions garner only 16% increase, while the latter displayed a 30% increase. Brand awareness similarly increased by an 8% and 13% respectively. While the purchase intent increases four times over with mere organic mentions when compared to the viewers of the mere social ads that appear. Some of the key points we can conclude out of this are –

    – When users see an authentication and acceptance amongst their peers, the conversion into purchase intent is much higher than a mere mention by a friend. This phenomenon alludes to Kapferer’s prism.
    – A constant engagement, for instance the fan pages (now the “like” pages), increases the chances of brand awareness as well as recall factor.

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